About Us


Located in Concord, CA, Monument Impact serves one of the most densely populated communities in the Bay Area. With nearly a quarter of Concord residents living in this one neighborhood, there is a great need for social change.

Monument community residents frequently find themselves largely isolated from the broader community, as they lack the information about what is available and the transportation to get there. Fortunately, we are located in the diverse area of Contra Costa County and are surrounded by organizations that specialize in serving minorities and disadvantaged residents. From English classes to legal rights, from health care services to drug awareness, many organizations make use of the Monument Impact facilities to offer workshops at low cost or free, to help residents become self sufficient, healthy and economically stable.

The relationships that Monument Impact has, within and beyond the Monument Corridor, put us in a position to extend a helping hand to a great many residents in need of support.


Our Community

  • The Monument Community describes an 3.8 square mile area, making up 12% of the total area of Concord.
  • More than 37,000 — nearly 1/3 of Concord’s total population — call the Monument home
  • The 3 elementary schools in the community report an average of 92% children of color — primarily Hispanic — and 80% socioeconomically disadvantaged.
  • More than 1/2 of Monument residents are Latino, and 61% of these Latinos are foreign-born.
  • Roughly 1/3 of area residents speak little or no English, and 46% have a high school equivalency or less.
  • The majority of Monument residents are low-skilled workers in industries that are hardest hit by the recession and thus likely face an unemployment rate significantly higher than the 10.3% for the county.
  • Day laborers in the street find themselves very vulnerable as they face insufficient work, very low wages, crime and exploitation.
  • 41% of families of 4 live on less than $44,000 per year (200% poverty line).
  • Latinos are the most vulnerable population in the U.S. in terms of health care access due to a number of barriers including socioeconomic & immigrant statuses


Founded in 1998, the Monument Community Partnership (MCP) was a community-based, nonprofit organization that promoted the capacity of residents of Concord’s Monument Community to achieve their self-defined goals. For more than ten years, MCP had used a quality resident-driven approach to build community capacity.

MICHAEL CHAVEZ CENTER: In 1997, a comprehensive survey was conducted of the Monument community that revealed some alarming statistics. Poverty, unemployment, and crime were just some of the issues in the Monument corridor. Unwilling to let this go unnoticed, Molly Clark stepped in to create a safe haven for people to find work and a better quality of life. Packed into a cramped building in Concord, she lead a hiring hall that ensured quality work and fair wages for about 30 workers. Eventually the members took ownership of the Center shaping it as they moved into the future.

MERGER: In early 2011 the potential for a merger was posed by members of the community who knew both organizations well and who felt that together we could do more and do it better. The Boards of Directors of both organizations decided to explore a merger and worked closely with a respected consultant to facilitate the process. As we progressed, it became clear that the programs and purposes that MCP and the Chavez Center value were very much in alignment. The Chavez Center has successfully offered economic change for families to better their lives, while Monument Community Partnership has a long-standing history of addressing the overall well being and facilitating the voice of the community. In early 2012 the Chavez Center and MCP Boards decided to join management services. A merger agreement was approved in May 2012 stipulating that the organizations will be merged as of July 2012 establishing Monument Impact as we know it today.