Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Monument Impact’s mission is to actively engage residents in training and tools that promote economic self-sufficiency, health and safety, civic engagement, community connections, and lifelong learning.

Our Values

Community – We value the dignity, experience and leadership of all our community members.

Our work is driven by a deep and relational connection to our community members and partners, with emphasis on respect and honesty.

Partnership – We believe it is vitally important to work collaboratively with community members, organizations, foundations, donors and local governmental agencies to achieve our goals and increase resources and services for our community.

Equity – Recognizing that not everyone in our region is benefiting from economic prosperity, we help elevate community voices to ensure residents are heard, the diversity of their cultures is celebrated, and access to opportunity that truly sustains families and the community is ensured.

Cultural Competence – We are a trusted resource in the Monument’s predominately Latino community because of our commitment to culturally competent programs, a mostly bilingual staff, and community promoters and advocates. As the Monument becomes home to more refugees and other people of color, we commit to growing our competencies to serve the entire community.