Monument Impact Team


Guadalupe Alaniz

Community Engagement Manager

925.682.8248 ext. 2190

"I enjoy working with Monument Impact because I am able to work in the community in which I live in."


Debra Bernstein

Executive Director

925.682.8248 ext. 2110

"I love working for Monument Impact because we collectively embody the meaning of our tagline: Together, building a stronger community. With an amazingly dedicated staff, our sizable group of talented and engaged community members who reach deep into the Monument to give residents the tools to create a better life; and the vital support of our Board members, volunteers, partners and donors, we are inspired to make change every day, even in the most challenging of times."


Cindy Campos

Communications and Development Coordinator

925.682-8248 ext. 2230

“I love working for Monument Impact because I've been able to meet the most amazing people with the most remarkable stories that I would not have met otherwise. You learn how incredible it is to work with others who care deeply about their work."


Eva Chena

Technology Coordinator

925.682.8248 ext. 2250

“I love working for Monument Impact because we have amazing staff that are passionate to help and support the community and that inspires me.”


Lorena Cruz

Health Promoters Coordinator

925.682.8248 ext. 2230

“I love Monument Impact because we are an organization that helps our community live a healthier lifestyle and make a difference”


Isabel Dominguez

Employment Placement Coordinator

(925)682-8248 x2240

“I love working for Monument Impact because I can help individuals from all over the country find employment which will allow them to provide a better future for their families”

Andrea Foti

Andrea Foti

Program Director

925.682.8248 ext. 2140

“I love working for Monument Impact because together we can provide high quality programs that support the well-being of the Community.”


Cristina Guerrero

Community Engagement Coordinator

925.682.8248 ext. 2300

“I love working for Monument Impact because It gives me the opportunity to learn from the community and work with an amazing team.”


Petal Henry

Finance & Operations Director

925.682.8248 ext. 2210

“I enjoy working at Monument Impact because the vision aligns with my values and way of living, and the people are lovely and are lovingly committed to supporting the community. With fundamental cooperation, anything is possible!”


Guadalupe Hernandez

Healthy Community Coordinator

925.682.8248 ext. 2230

“I love educating and advocating those in the community how living a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally, can be helpful in preventing a variety of chronic, and debilitating illnesses”


Marcelia Lewis

Bookeeper/Office Support

925.682.8248 ext. 2200

"I like working for Monument Impact because it feels like family!"


Marcia Norori

Administrative Assistant

925.682.8248 ext. 2300

“I love working for Monument Impact because I like to be involved with the community and help them believe that there is always hope and a reason to continue, even in the most difficult circumstance and  dreams can come true”

Elba Velasquez

Elba Velasquez

Workforce Development Manager

925.682.8248 ext. 2150

“I love working for Monument Impact because I’m part of an amazingly passionate team where everyone utilizes their skills and talents to be “Change Agents” in our community”