As a community-supported organization, we rely on the generosity of people like YOU.
Your donations make it possible for us to provide tools and training to build economic development, strengthen civic engagement and promote a healthy lifestyle in the Monument Community.

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Your support benefits the individuals and families we serve and also encourages the whole community to thrive. We are thankful to be able to provide life-changing classes and training in such areas as English, computer skills, healthy cooking, leadership development, job-readiness and life skills, community safety, and much more!
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We here at Monument Impact feel blessed to have the opportunity to see firsthand how our programs are making a difference in the lives of those who live and work in the Monument Community.

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When someone is in need, it’s rarely just one thing…

  • A job seeker needs employable skills and will  also need to know how to write a resume and do well in an interview.
  • A high school student will certainly need good grades but will also need support in  learning  how to study and searching for college scholarships.
  • An elderly neighbor with a chronic health problem may not only lack access to health care facilities, but will also need transportation to get to Doctor’s appointments.
  • A survivor of domestic violence desperately needs a support network and access to resources that will help them recover.


  • $50.00: Enables a local Health Promoter to provide a health education community workshop
  • $100.00: Provides tuition for one individual to attend a technology class
  • $250.00: Provides a high school student with a scholarship towards college expenses
  • $500.00: Trains five workers to learn valuable trade skills
  • $1,000.00: Sponsor a team for the Concord/Monument Junior Giants for a summer of fun
It brings us such joy to hear the grateful comments that continually come our way both from those we serve and community volunteers, such as:

I want to give thanks with all my heart for the support given to me by Monument Impact. One comes to this country with a dream; a dream to better oneself, to become professionally educated, and to give back to the country the best of ourselves/oneself.
Martin Arzate Ramirez

The Webpage Design course has inspired me to  seek for a better job and to one day become self-employed! Perhaps I will keep studying until I acquire a certification or degree, which will help me to reach my career goals faster. The course helps me to demonstrate to my children that life’s obstacles do not matter when you have the drive to become successful. The sacrifices made to be that person are worth the struggle. Now, my eldest son says that he wants to become a systems engineer; that, to me, is breaking the cycle in my family, because I come from a family of 11 children, of which only one has a career.
Fabiola Cardenas

My family is truly happy for the help given to me by Monument Impact. In addition, Monument Impact has allowed me to be a part of a splendid group of colleagues that are united under one word: “Success.” Success is much more than a benefit; it is an incentive that keeps us motivated, giving us confidence to look for better jobs in an economy that is highly competitive. The more knowledge and preparedness one has, the higher chance we have of finding a good job so that we can help our family here in the States and abroad.
Fadua Galdamez

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DONATE here!

You can help make stories of empowerment such as these happen every single day. Your generosity  is an inspiration to us and helps with the transformation of our community.

Your support really makes a  difference to the hardworking,  under-resourced people living in Concord’s Monument Community. We could not be successful without you.