Blanca’s Volunteer Story

BlancaWhen I was young, my mother used to help people in Mexico who didn’t have homes or didn’t have money for food. She always wanted to contribute to the community and I feel the same way with the Monument community.

I saw many immigrants who needed resources so that they could improve the lives of their families and I wanted to help them find those resources.The majority of the people living in the Monument are Hispanic and I feel like I connect with them on so many levels. My experiences living there motivate me to help the community.

Last year I started participating in the Junior Giants program and now I am the coach assistant. I love working with the kids, I believe if I can help them out now I can motivate them to stay off the streets and go to school.

I first learned about Monument Impact through flyers at my son’s school. They gave me the chance to help in a lot programs and I’ve always been one to help the community. I don’t feel as though what I do with Monument Impact is volunteer work anymore, I feel inside that it is something I’m obligated to do for my community.