Mentes Positivas en Acción

¡Mentes Positivas en Accion! is a program designed to reach Spanish-speaking community members of Concord who self-identify as living with stress, and depressive symptoms.  It aims to give participants the tools to lower their stress and depression levels and prevent future occurrences.  Created by Rosa Maria Sternberg, RN PhD, the 8-week curriculum utilized in this program is based off of various scientific findings on stress and mental health, and is tailored to be culturally sensitive, and linguistically relevant.  In collaboration with UC San Francisco, John Muir Health, and Monument Impact, the program, Mentes Positivas en Accion, is being utilized in a largescale study, and is now actively offering courses in various community sites.

Classes are taught by Community Health Promoters that have undergone a 14-week long training in which they have not only learned the curriculum, but have also prepared to teach it.  In doing so, the program not only teaches and promotes mental health awareness, but also helps in the creation of community leaders.

The Mentes Positivas en Accion program consists of 8, 2-hour classes that are designed to show you how to better manage your stress, and improve your mood.  Each class is offered once a week for 8 consecutive weeks.  Classes are offered year-round, and include the following topics:

  • Understanding Stress and Depression
  • Utilizing Relaxation techniques
  • Understanding and managing problems and perceived reality
  • Understanding the differences between situations, emotions, and thoughts
  • Learning how to work with 'automatic' thoughts



The courses are completely free, and child care can be available, as needed.  If you are interested in this program and would like more information, please contact:

Lupita Hernandez                                                                                              

Healthy Community Administrative Coordinator

(925) 682-8248 ext. 5000

 Lorena Cruz

Promotores Consultant

(925) 682-8248 ext. 2700


Ask about ¡Mentes Positivas part 2! Now enrolling participants.