Computer Training for Spanish Speakers

The goal of the technology program is to create a technology enriched environment that supports learning/independence and prepares students for the workforce.  The program helps community residents overcome barriers that separate them from the power of computers.

The technology program provides three (3) computer levels:  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced computer trainings year round.  We train 60-75 Spanish speaking residents per quarter.

Our services are directly focused to those participants that have a clear goal toward financial success:

  • Participants seeking a job
  • Participants seeking advancement in their current industry (looking for a promotion)
  • Participants who own a family business and want to learn how to manage more efficiently
  • Participants on a higher educational path

Current Class Offerings

For information on our 2018 class sessions, Click here.

Beginner- 10 weeks (in Spanish) 

In this class you will learn fundamental computer skills:  how to turn on your computer, use a mouse, internet navigation, email, the correct use of library, copy, paste, formatting documents, use of the keyboarding and more.


Intermediate – 10 weeks (in Spanish)                               Provides introduction to the most frequently used Microsoft Office software programs. Students learn how to create a family budget utilizing Excel, create professional documents in Word, visual presentations in PowerPoint, and create flyers with professional appearance in Publisher. This course builds a great foundation for participants interested in continuing  to the advance course (Career Track).

Career Track – 22 weeks (in Spanish with English as a Second Language classes)
Learn the skills to become financially successful with this comprehensive course!  You can exit with confidence to initiate/continue your job search, apply for a job promotion, continue onto higher education and/or have the knowledge to manage your family business more efficiently.

Course includes:

  • Advance Technology Skills (Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint)
  • Professional Development (In partnership with Wardrobe for Opportunity)
  • ESL (Intermediate Level)
  • Also includes mock interviews and work experience projects


For more information, please contact:

Eva Chena

Technology Coordinator

(925)-682-8248 ext. 2250

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