Promotores are highly skilled community members and leaders. They are cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic allies to their communities, offering servicio de corazón (service from the heart) to help serve their community and improve conditions for children and families. Promotores live in the communities where they work and are powerful advocates for individual and community transformations.

Meeting and collaborating the 3rd Thursday each month, they have the capacity to influence policies related to critical issues in their communities while building community trust, the foundation for engagement in a process of community transformation.

Promotores work directly with the Monument HEAL Zone, which primarily consists of families and seniors, to improve community facilities such as elementary schools, parks and bicycle routes. Promotores are an important component to the Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) work and receive relevant training.

In addition to the work they do with HEAL, they also stay involved by doing case management support with the American Heart Association, civic engagement at various apartment complexes, safety preparation with the Bike and Pedestrian project, training with Cooking Matters classes, and volunteer work with Junior Giants, among other activities.  Promotores are also a vital piece in our Mentes Positivas en Accion Program.

Lorena CruzLorena Cruz coordinates and supports Health Promotores in the Monument HEAL Zone. She plays a vital role in organizing and doing outreach and her connection with community members makes her a trusted resource and bilingual liaison.

Working with community Promotores, Lorena communicates essential healthy and active lifestyle information to the under-resourced Monument Community.

For general information on the Promotores program, please contact her: 925/682-8248 ext. 2230.

Interested in becoming a Health Promotor@ and working with the community in Contra Costa?

Contact Lorena Cruz to talk about what you might be available to do or what you might like to learn!

Based on your interests and the needs of our program, you may receive an invitation to attend an upcoming Promotores meeting and see us in action!