Members of Day Labor program build playhouse to raise funds

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For the past four months Monument Impact’s Day Labor Program members have been working together to create a Playhouse/Storage shed. Using their skills and knowledge, they were able to train each other through a weekly one hour training to make this project possible.

This project was the idea of Marcos Yáñez, a Day Labor Program member since 2009 “I saw this project as an opportunity to train each other and raise funds for future trainings and workshops,” said Marcos. “This will help us gain new skills to meet needs of local employers.”

Keith Pleasant, another member, has been very enthusiastic about the project. He said, “These trainings are amazing, I’m very thankful to Monument Impact for taking the time to find these trainings for us. Last week I was able to do a job implementing framing, one of the new skills that I learned here and I feel very proud of myself for doing something new”

Cristina Guerrero, Monument Impact’s Community Engagement Coordinator, noted that this project has been motivational and generated awareness about additional trainings,  “Now we are anxiously looking forward to see who gets the house, and ready start new trainings.” said Cristina.

The playhouse/storage shed is being valued at $2,500 and is now being used to raise funds for additional trainings.

For a donation of $25,  you can help fund future workshops and trainings for Monument Impact’s Day Labor Program and have a chance to win this Playhouse/Storage shed. The winner will be announced on Wednesday August 16, 2017 at 4:00 pm via Facebook live. (The house will be delivered and assembled at the winner’s home.)

For more information on how to enter the drawing contact Cristina Guerrero, (925) 682-8246 Ext. 2170