Monument Fund Raising Campaign – October 2016

I’m writing to you this fall to ask you to please give a donation to support our $15K for 15 Years of Service Campaign.

All Donations up to $15,000.00 will be matched: your gift will be worth double if you donate during this campaign.


Monument Impact and its predecessor organizations (Michael Chavez Center and Monument Community Partnership) have been helping to transform lives in the Monument Community for over 15 years! These organizations became stronger by merging. We are now, more than ever, able to bring about change in the community and offer more and better resources to the people who need them. Your gift to Monument Impact has the power to help resolve some of the Monument Community’s challenges by offering job readiness skills, promoting healthy lifestyles and connecting people with community resources. Your donation will say “YES!” – Together we can do this!

Monument Impact continues its dedication to making a real difference in the lives of the residents in the Monument Community, many of whom face significant challenges. Our approach is to work in partnership with the community because we believe that together we can make the biggest difference Under our three Program areas – Workforce Development, Healthy Living and Resident Engagement – here are some of the activities we offer to the Community –

Our CommunityCommunity Zumba and Yoga classes, the promotion of healthy eating and drinking water, and working with schools to discontinue the practice of having sugary drinks available.

Safe Routes to Schoolbike and pedestrian improvements to Detroit Avenue, including repairs to the sidewalks and buffered bike lanes so that children and parents can walk to school in safety.

Monument Shuttlefree transportation for residents to local health clinics, the Concord Senior Center, Monument Crisis Center, BART, downtown Concord and Monument Impact.

Junior Giants Flyer_2016_SPJunior Giants Leaguea free community baseball and cheerleading league for local boys and girls that teaches character as well as baseball skills and promotes reading as part of the program activities .

Computer classesExpanded sessions for both daytime and evenings and also on Saturdays. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced (Career Track) classes offered in Spanish.

Through our programs and other resources, we help people develop the tools they need for success.

Recently an immigrant family of 5 from Afghanistan was referred to one of our Workforce Development programs. Their limited English, lack of relevant work experience and problems with transportation made it difficult for them to find jobs. We connected the family to classes to improve their English. At the same time, we brainstormed ideas for potential job opportunities, using our connections in the community. Applications were completed and sent to prospective employers

– this included help and practice in putting together resumes, filling out the application forms, and interviewing.

Today, the two sons have jobs at a local market and the father and the daughter have jobs at a local restaurant. Through donations from the Concord Police Department the family has bicycles to help with transportation. In addition two family members have been able to get driver’s licenses. We are asking you to partner with us to help make an impact in the lives of people like this family! Your donation will give us what we need to continue this vital work, especially since all gifts up to $15,000 will be matched by our generous Board Members.

Checks can be mailed to Monument Impact, 1760 Clayton Rd, Concord, CA 94520. Credit card information can be sent via email to or telephoned in at (925) 682-8248 ext 2160. Easiest of all you may donate online:

Your gift and your support make a huge difference in the lives of the people that Monument Impact serves in the community. THANK YOU!

From all of us at Monument Impact, I wish a peaceful fall to you and your family.

Warm regards,

Mike-Van-Hofwegen-staff-photoMike Van Hofwegen

Executive Director