These programs promote the need for healthy eating and active living, health education and navigation of the health care system. Services include health education workshops throughout the community, train the trainer projects in nutrition and physical exercise, health screenings and tests, and health care referrals.

Monument Impact’s Economic Development programs include Day Labor and Technology and Career Development programs which focus on developing job-seekers’ skills to help them find stable employment opportunities. The Monument Impact offers technology classes, career development workshops, case management, business development, and connections for day laborers, all of which create pathways to employment that can be tailored to each individual.

This program area aims to connect community residents with opportunities to learn and get involved in the community. This includes collaboration with churches, schools, nonprofit and government agencies to address specific issues such as transportation, child care, seniors, domestic violence and the like. An exciting new initiative that we are currently coordinating involves bringing together community leaders and promoters who have been trained by a variety of organizations over time for networking, ongoing training and community projects.