Resident Engagement

Resident Engagement is about empowering people with the tools they need to make a difference in the community.  When it comes to community organizing, Monument Impact has a stellar history in the Monument Community. The projects within this program pull together businesses, government officials, residents and community organizations to address the needs that our community identifies as the most important. Through their advocacy and resiliency we have seen the success that comes from a united community.

Activities and Objectives

  • Political engagement and education
  • Regional early warning system tool for displacement
  • Community resources and referrals
  • Movie nights and craft groups
  • ESL resource fairs at apartment buildings
  • Emergency Preparedness training in Spanish

Current Programing includes:

Day Labor:
This program promotes the professional development of female and male laborers by offering vocational English classes, trade skills workshops, computer literacy education, and a trusted place for workers and employers to form job connections at fair wages.

LISTOS: Emergency Preparedness training in Spanish

Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Safe Routes to Transit

Neighborhood Action Teams

Service Network

Regional Early Warning System Tool for Displacement


Many of Monument Impact’s Resident Engagement programs are spearheaded by Nati Flores, Day Labor and Resident Engagement Program Manager. She grew up in the Monument community and started as a volunteer with our organization over 10 years ago. In her current role, Nati connects people to resources and jobs, and provides leadership development within the community.

She excels at working with residents to transform their community, and fostering volunteerism and civic engagement. In 2014 Nati received the Women’s Hall of Fame Honor, Women Working for Justice category, becoming the first woman to receive this recognition from the Contra Costa Commission for Women and Girls.