Service Network

Through our Service Network, we bring together all types of agencies and individuals that serve the Monument Community Concord CA in the areas of health, social services, education, economic development and housing. Together we partner to create and implement strength-based programs and deliver quality services to Monument residents. The Service Network is about service coordination, communication with residents, and positive community change.

The overall aim of the Service Network is to:

  • Create a continuum of accessible, coordinated and integrated services and resource information for Monument families- if a resident has needs, they can easily be referred, from a variety of locations to a variety of services.
  • Nourish a network of professionals, dedicated to building a healthy and stable community, with a strength based mindset, relevant information, self care, and trainings
  • Connect residents with opportunities and activities beyond service delivery, encourage community engagement
For more information, please contact:
Andrea Rios
Youth Program Coordinator
925.682.8248 Ext. 2260
andrea [at]