Stand for Monument Campaign

Stand For Monument

“I am an American, not by birth, but by heart. My dreams are here, not elsewhere.”


Estefany, Monument Impact volunteer

At a time when immigration policies, the ending of DACA, and skyrocketing rents are taking a huge toll on our local immigrant community, we urgently need your support.

Stand for Monument is a $200,000 Campaign designed to grow the number of low-income residents of Concord served by Monument Impact’s core programs to more than 10,000 a year.

The first and most urgent part of our campaign aims to raise $100,000 to support critically needed programs. All programs are community-driven and opportunity-based, promoting family stability, health and leadership development.

With your support, we will connect our day laborers to more than 7,000 daily job placements at a strong hourly wage; 250 residents will improve their wages through technology and other skills development; and 800 will access immigration services. 

Please help 10,000 community members bridge the barriers that prevent them from advancing economically!

Thank you!


  • Friends support the general operations of Monument Impact; ensure hundreds of our community members have referrals to critically important services such as health care and legal services. And if you select to make this a monthly gift, you'll extend your impact even more! Our social media and a new quarterly newsletter will keep you up to date and engaged throughout the year.


  • Our neighbors provide partial support to our key programs like Technology, Day Labor and our innovative mental health program called Mentes Positivas en Acción (Positive Minds in Action). Your gifts, when joined together, help provide the tools and training to close the digital gap for low skilled residents or reduce stress and depression during these very difficult times for immigrants. Select community members will provide you with updates on their progress two times a year.


  • Advocates are invested in the long-term health of our low-income community. A one-time gift supports one resident in our Leadership Development Program and a monthly gift supports this leader as a trainer of 10 more community members! With your support, residents will have a voice in the critical issues that impact family stability. Through two updates during the year, we’ll let you know how these community-based leaders are engaging the community-at-large.

Community Builder

  • Community Builders believe economic advancement creates vibrant, strong communities and moves families out of poverty. Our residents need multiple pathways to living wage work. Your gift sponsors our Career Track Program, which offers advanced technology training, resume development, interviewing skills, ESL, and small business support—all geared towards increasing family income. You will be invited to Career Track graduations and receive periodic updates on student progress towards securing better paying work.


  • 5,285 job placements for our Day Laborers
  • 250 served in technology classes and CalWORKS
  • 62 found new jobs or received a salary increase or promotion with their new skills
  • 164 helped with their citizenship and DACA applications, through our partnership with Jewish Community and Family Services
  • 85 learned how to reduce stress through MI’s Positive Minds in Action classes.
  • 193 participated in local advocacy efforts
  • 21 free physical activity classes offered weekly since January for 468 residents
  • 85 received 1:1 health coaching
  • 6,000 rides provided by our Monument Shuttle